Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Lighthouse Project

Greetings fellow adventurers!

I'd like to formally introduce a new periodic segment I'll be airing on my podcast series The Cross-Realm. This segment will be called The Lighthouse Project (TLP - yes everything needs a fancy little acronym).

The Lighthouse Project (TLP)
What I'll be doing within this project is having a person (or small group - still working out final details) enter my private vent server while recording audio live, and walking them through gold-making from step-one to success. It'll be progression based and start out with the basics. This will not only be an instructional segment but conversational and lively. It'll include questions & answers (maybe some you've had yourself but not sure who to ask), working the auction house with and without addons, the theory of gold-making and profitability, and more.

Then periodically, I'll have this person (or group) back on the podcast series (I'm thinking providing an update every week or every two-weeks) on their gold-making progress and taking them further and further into various aspects of gold diversification and knowledge. In the end, it will give these people (and anyone listening or subscribing to the podcast series) on-going skills to continue making gold as long as, and as much as, they want. Pretty cool aye?

Watch for the latest news about The Lighthouse Project coming soon!
If you have any questions or comments.

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  1. I think this is an idea that will trend with other podcasters such as the call to auction podcast as well as maybe Jim Younkin's livestream of viewer guidance from going from the nest egg to a profitable system specifically crafted for that user.

    1. Thanks for the comment Highwiz. It's a great addition and I'm sure it'll be a success, especially since it'll be helping some people out. I'm aiming to air my first one soon with the first group. Stay tuned!

  2. OMG, where can I sign up to be one of the noobs being trained?! I have been trying to get into the gold making side of the game with no success, and would love help....especially from the all mighty Profitz!

    1. Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure about being the 'all mighty' Profitz but more so just plugging along and enjoying the trip to gold-cap. I have a couple people already reserved for the first group, but if you're interested in another, send me a quick email to with some info about yourself, gaming history, gold-making experience, etc. Be well.


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