Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ponies, Podcasts, and Publications

Ok, I'm not sure where the ponies fit in, but hey, I like making titles that have repeating first letters (what's that called?  alliteration?)...it's my thing.  Catchy, no? *adjusts collar*  Anyways, a real quick post on some direction that I'll be heading in that I wanted to announce and share with everyone.

A Beginner's Gold Guide
First off, I've decided to write my own gold guide.  I know. I know.  You're thinking damn, another gold guide?  Seriously? How is this guide going to be different than the hundreds of others?  Yes, but not just another guide. My guide will be focused on carrying the beginner (zero knowledge of gold making which was exactly where I was a little awhile ago) through the fundamental steps of learning and understanding how to make gold in the easiest ways possible.  A beginner's step-one to success guide.  I'll be explaining how easy it is to make gold and walking you through  the ABCs.  No experience necessary.

Making Gold is Easy!
When will it be released?  I'll be taking my time writing it so it's in the condition I'm satisfied with when it's made available.  I'm not in it to become rich so the cost will be minimal (probably under $5.00 and available on some major online resource).  It will have full color pictures, screenshots, illustrations (maybe even some of my own custom artwork, yes I'm an artist).  It'll be worth it's weight in gold when finalized and I hope it helps many gamers reach their goals, whether that be to make 10k, 100k, or 1 million+.  More details soon.

Second, I'll be also recording some podcasts.  In the real-world (yes we do have to cross-realm into that world for school, college, work, etc every now and then) I'm an Information Security Professional (20+ years) with strong hobbies and interest in writing, art, and photography.  So why not combine all these and start pushing out some content to help people play World of Warcraft, answer questions, provide direction, all in a fun relaxed way.  Learn at your own pace.  Eventually I might get into live-streaming but that's down the road.  First things first.  I do all my artwork, videos, and music on my iMac so I'm thinking of using Garage Band to do the podcast recordings.  If anyone has suggestions, please send them my way.  I'd like the recordings to be great quality and in a place that's accessible to all (iTunes? YouTube?).  If you have experience with doing podcasts, please reach out and share what you know.  You can e-mail me at wowprofitz@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @WowProfitz.  Thanks to those who have already touched base with me and provided some initial information.  Greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for lending your eyes and reading this.  I hope this message finds you gaming well and bathing in the glory of everything shiny, namely gold!


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