Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome to the New!


Welcome adventurers!
I'm very pleased to announce that after a couple weeks of working through the WordPress installation (the actual installation only took a couple minutes and that's with getting a couple cups of coffee, smiling at myself through the built-in iSight camera on my Mac, and blowing up balloons), checking out all the of features (seems endless on what you can do compared to my older blogger site), installing some plug-ins and getting some AMAZING assistance from Kazy in the IRC channel, it's finally arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, the new very clean looking!

Why did I change from Blogger?
I changed for a few reasons. First, Blogger was an excellent starting point for my journey. It provided an easy avenue to post thoughts quickly and provide some general informational details. Second, I have quite a few more projects in store and I wanted a more powerful content management solution. WordPress is by far exceeding my expectations and I'm amazed at what you can do with it. I've only scratched the surface on a new exciting site of activity folks so put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

Additionally, I was getting tired of the old-look and wanted to be more than just a 'blog' site. I wanted a super-clean looking site (professional to some extent) that could feature my projects, be robust enough to add additional widgets/plugins, easier to integrate with podcasting, content, etc. After speaking with several folks in the community (thanks to Accomp, Cold, GoblinRaset, Kazy and a slew more) I decided to make the change and started doing some side work on it with my hosting service. All the while not affecting the existing Blogger site.

Until finally, after fixing it all up, going through some technical issues and back-end db changes, file changes on the way my hosting service had it setup, and redirecting, it's done. *wipes sweat* Again, thank you're definitely an amazing person and I'm glad to have you in our IRC channel. I would still be messing around with it. You provided me with some great insight and a huge walk through on WP in general. *salutes*  

What have I been up to?

Folks, the warm weather is here and I can't help but be outdoors. I really enjoy the warm days and mix in a nice cold beverage and hell, I'm calling it heaven! (wait, did I just say heaven and hell in the same line? Oh snap, I've made someone's list for sure...*looks around*). Anyways, I've been spending a lot of time on the site, enjoying the weather with the family, and also working through my psychology course (first time I've been back in school for over 20+ years and I'm loving it). Also, I've been finalizing some settings in WireCast (which I bought because I love streaming. Yes with my own $$$. I just didn't like Adobe Encoder and CamTwist).

Also, I just installed a new ISP connection which has increased my connection speeds! I'm not running (2) ISPs until my contract runs out on my older line....or I might just keep it for my XBox's, wireless devices, etc. My son is also a huge gamer (FPSer with XBox360 so might leave it solely for him and my daughter. Look for his site too which I'll be helping him setup and doing his own live-streaming of XBox360 style gaming). My connection speed went from 10Mbps/1Mbps (downstream/upstream) to 36Mbps/3Mbps!! Yes, I'm loving the speed.

Guilds/Alts and More
 I've also been creating a couple new toons on different realms from some good friends of mine on Twitter. I was pleased to have been invited into the Murderous Gummy Bears (Jaedenar-Alliance) with @ShammyRen and Wicked (Malorne-Horde) with @LowPopWow. It's fun to sometimes get away from your main realms, increase your social-network in-game and enjoy a new fresh experience with friends of like minds. Those who simply enjoy the game in a friendly environment. *hats off to you two*. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your world.

Where am I at Gold Wise?
I'm very happy with my progress as I've reached over the 800,000 gold marker and the gold-cap goal is in sight!! I'm estimating I should be there within 3-4 more weeks and then, I'm going to check this gold-cap mission off the list and continue on to bigger and better projects within the community. *smiles* It's another reason for changing over the theme of the's more than just a gold-making site. I'm turning it into a resource site for my projects, community efforts, podcasting, live-streaming, and everything wow.

In conclusion, I want to thank all for your continued support. The #FF shoutouts, the continued tweets, emails, PMs in-game and more. First, I'm doing this for myself as an outlet for creativity but I'm also doing this for those who enjoy World of Warcraft and a different perspective on things. A 'fresh-look' if you will at a great game.

I wish you all the best, 

~Profitz (Ray)