Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Lighthouse Project

Greetings fellow adventurers!

I'd like to formally introduce a new periodic segment I'll be airing on my podcast series The Cross-Realm. This segment will be called The Lighthouse Project (TLP - yes everything needs a fancy little acronym).

The Lighthouse Project (TLP)
What I'll be doing within this project is having a person (or small group - still working out final details) enter my private vent server while recording audio live, and walking them through gold-making from step-one to success. It'll be progression based and start out with the basics. This will not only be an instructional segment but conversational and lively. It'll include questions & answers (maybe some you've had yourself but not sure who to ask), working the auction house with and without addons, the theory of gold-making and profitability, and more.

Then periodically, I'll have this person (or group) back on the podcast series (I'm thinking providing an update every week or every two-weeks) on their gold-making progress and taking them further and further into various aspects of gold diversification and knowledge. In the end, it will give these people (and anyone listening or subscribing to the podcast series) on-going skills to continue making gold as long as, and as much as, they want. Pretty cool aye?

Watch for the latest news about The Lighthouse Project coming soon!
If you have any questions or comments.

I'd love to hear from you!
 Email me at or hit me up on Twitter @WowProfitz.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sure Selling Success

"Under the blue skies alone, I travel and walk among the merchants as free as the very clouds.  Moving about the broad fields of emptiness searching for something to quench my never ending thirst for wealth and knowledge."  ~Profitz

2nd Live-Stream - Auction House Fun!
Auction House Fun! (2nd Live-Stream Show)
Check it out on here.
Quick shout out to all members of the community!   I've come to the realization that not only is gold-making addicting but this community of podcasters, live-streamers, and gold-makers alike are infectious in a good way.  I've had the privilege of meeting some very nice people over the last few days and look forward to meeting more.  Also, for those who could make it, thanks for joining me for my 2nd live-stream with a little Auction House Fun.  I look forward to growing and learning with you all.

In today's live-stream I cover working through some items with TradeSkillMaster, Searching Auctioneer and buying-to-flip greens, manually listing items, receiving alerts from the TSM Application and checking pricing for re-listing with Wowuction (yes an actual alert came in and we picked up a nice item for 100g! Treads of Exotic Mastery).

Having Success with Mobile Armory On Your SmartPhone!
Mobile Armory Sales
Remember folks, you NEVER have to be detached from the Auction House or worry about missing that next-big-deal.  (wonders how many deals I miss while in corporate meetings...yes some people frown upon mobile devices in meetings when you're nose-down in them while people are talking...not polite?  What do you think?)  Use the Mobile Armory on your smart phone (iPhone/Droid).  I wish they came out with something for the Kindle Fire HD...great gadget and love the clarity of the screen.  Blizzard...get your developers on this!! *chuckles*

As you can see, you can check-in on your auctions, re-list any auctions that have expired, check the neutral auction house, buy items, search for specific item levels, rarity, and type of item with built-in filters, and if you don't want to bother with the AH, you can interact with guildies.  It also has been free for awhile now too.  (back in the day we had to pay a monthly subscription for this...nice to have it free now...great job Blizz!)

TSM Mobile Alert on "Watched" Items

What I love about Mobile Armory is that when you receive WoWuction alerts (you can go to and configure what items you want to send you an alert in the form of a text msg or email) with the max/min price - it also supports comma separated IDs, and TSM dealfinding lists for importing bulk items), you can then quickly load the app and purchase that item instead of missing a nice deal!

During my live-stream tonight, one actually came in and I was able to buy the item for 100g!  I'll be flipping it for over 7k.  Not a bad profit aye?  *Cha-Ching*

There are so many ways to make gold and so many resources, it's amazing and easy.  If you're interested in learning, take the time every day to explore or try something new.  Whether you're browsing other blog sites, attending a live-stream, or simply experimenting in-game with the Auction House, it all pays off...and pays off well!  Don't stay still on and succeed!!

Are You Doing Something To Help People In The Wow Community?
If so, I want to hear from you!  I'm looking to start scheduling interviews over the next several weeks in advance for some folks who want to be guests on my podcast series, The Cross-Realm.  This podcast is not only focused on gold-making but also introducing people to the community who are sharing in their own way.  If you're interested and have something unique to share, contact me at or on Twitter @WowProfitz.

Be well and happy sales!


Monday, February 25, 2013

First Live Stream!

"Sometimes I wonder if the trees themselves stand witness over the centuries of war that has scared Azeroth.  Or if the street rodents keep tally of the misguided wanderers, the lost souls, who stumble the cobblestone streets into drunken stupors of hallucinated dreams."  ~Profitz

First Live-Stream on Twitch.Tv/WowProfitz
Today was my first ever live-stream on my channel!  It's a little over 2 hours long and a quick introduction to what I do a couple times a day on the AH for making gold.  I also share a spreadsheet that I use for personal day-to-day gold stats and interact with the folks in the chat channel.

I was honored to have a few people with me during my first stream also (it would've been pretty lonely streaming by myself...what's the fun in that!?).  Therefore, Special thanks to Erogroth, PhatLewts, and Jokerbomb for stopping by and listening to my rambles for a couple hours.

There are a few things that I need to research so if anyone has experience in live-streaming on the Mac and want to ping me on these questions, please do!  I'm currently using CamTwist and AdobeFlashEncoder for streaming.

Q1:  How do you zoom-in or increase the size of your screen while streaming if you're going through something specific.  Example:  TSM wasn't readable while streaming and I wanted to walk people through certain settings.

Q2:  How do you stream with your mouse-pointer showing so when reviewing certain parts of the screen, you can call attention to it.  The simulated mouse in CamTwist seems to make the pointer HUGE.

If this is the first time you've heard of me, allow me to formally introduce myself.  *adjusts collar and extends hand for a greeting*  I'm Profitz, a new comer to the World of Warcraft gold-making community.  I'm a beginner and just started seriously seeking gold a month back.  I'm on a quest to become gold-capped in World of Warcraft and along the way, I'm sharing my experiences and what I've learned from the masters.  The good, the bad, and the I'll-never-do-it-again.  From a beginner, for the beginner.

I have also started a complimentary Facebook Community Page if you're interested in stopping by.  Please send a "Like".  I figure the more social media sites I join, the more I can reach out to the community and share the journey.

I've added a My Podcast Favs section to the site (left column at the bottom) too which lists the current podcasts/live-streams I've been following.  There are a few more that I'll be adding since the community is blowing up with great people doing great things and sharing.  It's amazing how friendly everyone is.

Thanks to all who have supported me, shared information with me, and continue to follow me.  In the end, it's my hope that together we can reach out and strengthen the World of Warcraft community.

Be well.


Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cross-Realm Podcast # 3: Behind the Scenes with Erogroth

T'was in the midnight hours that two met with gold in their eyes to discuss the dark secrets of fortunes untold.  Fame and fortune alike, sword and shield set aside, we sat down, factionless, to discuss what kings have held secret to their own graves, the tale of gold making and wealth that which kings boasted across the chambers of kingdoms.  (yes I like writing...)

Tonight, I went behind the scenes, so to speak, and interviewed another gold-maker in the community, Erogroth (@erogroth).  What a great guy and down to earth person who is also on the quest to gold-cap.  We have several things in common including collecting rare mounts (Erogroth, I still don't think Poseidus exists even though you have it!), casual raiding, in a family/friends guild, and fellow gold makers.  It's amazing to see how friendly people are in this community and how everyone, in their own way, helps each other out.

In tonight's midnight episode we discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Playing Since Vanilla
  • Guilds and Raiding
  • Factions
  • Total Gold-Worth
  • Spending Gold on Mounts
  • Favorite Class/Race Combo
  • External Spreadsheets and Gold Tracking Stats
  • Gold Making Addons
  • Gotta Love Gold Beggars
  • Gold Blog Sites
  • Patch 5.2 Preparation
  • Blizzcon
  • Development Ideas
  • Closing Comments/Shout Outs

Podcast # 3:  Behind the Scenes with Erogroth

The Cross-Realm Podcast 3 (MP3) (Play directly with Yahoo's Player)

Again, thanks Erogroth for being the first guest on The Cross-Realm!  It was great to get to know you a little better and I look forward to continuing our gaming relationship and partnership in-game.  All my best to you and family.

Thanks for listening all and I hope you enjoy this episode.

I'm in SHOCK!!!! Finally!!!
If you're interested in coming on or contributing to the next podcast, please reach out to me at

Travel well.


Editor Comment:  AMAZINGLY, like an hour after I publish this podcast and before crashing for the night, I said to myself I'm just going to do a quick route through Vashj'ir for Poseidus....and unbelievably...there he was!!!!!!  No one around....(of course NPCScan still scared the hell out of me but what a sweet sound that is).  Erogroth!!  You're my good luck charm bro!!!

Intro Music by Aavepyörä.  Album/Track:  Goddess Guerilla/Auringon
Licensed to the public under the Creative Commons license

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surviving Stagnant Slumps

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." ~William Pollard

How true folks!  Everyday that you're going through a pattern or process, you need to have break points to check and see if there is room for improvements.  Self-analysis and process analysis is required to be successful in gold making.  One day's tip won't work the next and what you've sold for an entire week with ease will drop off the next.  Take the time to continue to be a student of the gold-making process in it's entirety (learn from everyone and everything) and also don't forget to push the envelop in new directions.  There isn't a right or wrong way...just make it your way.  Use what works and shelf (come back to it later) the rest.
Direct Sales
This week started off a little slow for me (I say slow at 8-9k/day which was down from the typical 10-13k/day last week).  Proving the above point that mindlessly going through something isn't the right way and actually ruins the fun of your gold-making mission.  So don't get stagnant in your discoveries...progress progress progress!  Always look for new innovative ways to make gold.

After reviewing my existing routine for searching for greens on the AH and snatching up blues, I decided to start dabbling in Trade Chat as well.  Now most of the time I completely stay out of it simply for the immaturity factor (yes, I don't need to see all the comments from people who simply want to make people's life miserable, the anal posts, the bashing of one-another, the trolling, etc.  You know what I'm saying. Hey, we pay for this game...why not enjoy it right?).  I enter when I need to and leave shortly thereafter.  So after experimenting in TC, and watching what people are attempting to sell (and based upon their multiple posts about the same stock they're trying to drop) I found that it's possible to do some one-off sales and sell direct as well as buy direct.  Therefore, I started something in-game I'm calling the Iron Ring Partnership (IRP, yes we need acronyms for everything these days. I don't know, it sounded cool so I just went with it and pitched it as if it's the greatest show on earth, I mean Azeroth).

What is IRP?  It's a distribution of green items directly from sellers to me exclusively. No more sitting at the AH and searching through items and having to deal with people buying out your goods!  It's an IRON RING approach for the trafficking of items.  It works and it's easy.  Find the right sellers, strike up that deal, and the rest is history.  Of course you have to find the right sellers, ones who are trust worthy and good on their delivery promises.  It's working good so far.  Items are flipping nicely regardless of whether I buy them direct or from the AH.  Note:  I buy in bulk which most people try to sell in bulk the majority of the time, especially with ores, herbs, pots/flasks, etc.  Not a lot of people sell bulk in greens, but if you pitch it, you'll receive it.  Watch the AH for those who are continually listing the items below value.  Below value because they're not trying to flip them themselves. *hint* *hint*

Besides making some gold, I talked about in my last podcast that I've been leveling a Destruction Warlock.  I'm having a blast!  I just reached level 86 and I'm almost 87 now shooting for level 90 by the end of the weekend.  In my adventures, I stumbled upon a nice place northeast of Halfhill and although they had nice pink and red hearts hanging from the front of the inn, it was anything but welcoming.  The field was riddled with bones and the fallen.  Quite exciting.  Gotta love being on a hi-pop realm that's PvP!  (No, none of those bones are mine...although it completely stopped my Dreadsteed in it's fiery tracks.  Animals are smart..they know what's up!  Listen to your mounts!  No, I'm not talking about being the next pet whisperer...)
Destro Lock = Dangerous!!

I have so much more to share with you all.  The site has received well over 3,000+ hits already and I've been contacted by fans oversears who have read my posts and enjoy my podcasts!  I've also been asked to be a guest on another podcast series that's been out there for some time.  What an honor!  Look for this sometime in March.  I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to reach out and share their comments on my approach and direction for this site and for bringing the community together. I have some great things planned for podcast # 3 coming up soon (might even be as early as this weekend!).  Stay tuned!

I look forward to reading more of your emails guys...send them in!  Email me anytime at:

Be well.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Profitz' Podcast # 2: Unmasking The Man

Faithful adventurers of Azeroth, today we shall ride together, swords and magi alike, and slay our hideous foes and bathe ourselves in the warmth of their crimson entrails while counting endless piles of loot... ok ok...not so much, but I did record my second podcast!  *smirks*

In this ~25 min. podcast I cover the following:
  • New Recording Equipment
  • My Gold Making Status & Lessons Learned
  • Why a Donations Button??
  • Artwork
  • Community Q&A
With the last podcast, some folks were unable to play from the first bar so I added the second from Soundcloud to expand the audience and allow everyone to give ear.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Podcast # 2:  Unmasking the Man

Soundcloud Player (Yes, the pic I use of the clown is Goldwise...I mean Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.  Great flick/book.  I use this avatar on several sites.  Don't I look super 'friendly' ?)

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback.  Become an active member of this resource site and reach out to me.

Twitter: @WowProfitz

Be well.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tallying Totals Tell True Tale

I said it before and I'll say it again:  You know you're addicted to gold making when you're working with spreadsheets and crunching numbers externally.  Is there a cure for us??  Gold Anonymous?

Hi, my name is Profitz and I'm a goldaholic.  *audience chimes in*  Hi Profitz!

What a week it has been.  I've learned a lot on what days seem to be selling the most and what items continue to turn profits over others.  I've also looked a little closer to my search lists within Auctioneer and weeded out any/all craftables in the 'Green Groups' I buy from.  The market on these items seems to be dipping pretty low and not worth the storage space or listing fees in my opinion.  Don't get me wrong here, there is some profit that can be made off of these but not a lot.  Maybe at most, you can double your gold on each purchase if they sell the first time they are listed.  (example:  You buy a pair of gloves for 25 gold and you flip them for 50 gold.  After the AH fees, maybe you walk away with 21-22g in profit?  I like buying at 25gold and flipping for 250-285g sometimes well over 300g.  Either way will work it just might take more time to build up your gold stash.)

Anyways, I created this spreadsheet (thinks back to gold anonymous and sitting in a circle with a bunch of unshaven gnomes, fat elves (I think some of them must be fat no?), hairy humans, and smelly dwarves) which keeps track of my starting gold total at the beginning of the day and where I landed at the end of the day when I close my books (sounds all official...yes I close my books at 11PM each night).  Right now this process is all manual but I do plan on coming up with some customized module for calculating this with enough granularity where I can make some pretty pie charts, bar graphs and even dazzling presentation slides. *arches one eye brow*

Chart # 1 - Daily Total Profits
My total gold sales for this week in closing brought me over the 206,000 marker up from starting at 147,000 at the beginning of the week on Sunday.  The chart shows Sunday thru Saturday (1 - 7).  As you can see in Chart #1 - I've made an average of about 12,338g per day with the lowest gold earning day being Thursday (day 5) (I'm probably thinking because people are tied up with raiding and not leveling alts?)  The highest earning days seem to be Monday, Friday and Saturday.  I'll be tracking this over time to see if this is truly the case as more weeks are calculated.  This was my first week with this spreadsheet.  Does that mean I'm new to the Gold Anonymous club too you ask?  Probably true.  Don't kick me out just yet...

I'm very pleased with how much I've been able to learn over the past several weeks to make this amount of gold.  Albeit, it's not a huge amount compared to some, but this is the most gold I've ever owned folks.  Yes...truly amazing to some of you probably but hey, you have to start somewhere right?  With little to no effort, all of this was made.  This week alone I've brought in close to 90k in one week.  Have I said I'm addicted yet?  ;)

The point of all of this is, that if a new person like me to the gold making underworld can do this, so can all of you.  It does take a little configuration and setup but afterwards, its smooth sailing and just rinse-n-repeat through a typical process.  The rest is just watching the digits increase.

I hope this post finds you all well and counting your coins like kings and queens of Azeroth.

Be well.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Profitz' Podcast #1 - The Introduction

Good afternoon folks!
Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.

I'd like to share with you my FIRST ever podcast recording, and the first official one for!  I'm looking forward to many many more.

This is a high-level introductory podcast introducing myself and talking (over a stein of fine ale at lunch time) about what's coming up, next steps, and more.  I hope you enjoy it and send in some feedback!

This Podcast covers:
1.  Special Thanks to a few select members of the community
2.  Who I am
3.  Purpose of my Blog and Gold Guide Project
4.  Community Involvement
5.  Next Steps

Total Time:  ~22 minutes

Podcast #1: The Introduction

Having issues playing the above?
Try here:  Podcast #1: The Introduction (Hosted on Soundcloud)

I'd like to hear from you.

Twitter:  @WowProfitz

Be well.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ponies, Podcasts, and Publications

Ok, I'm not sure where the ponies fit in, but hey, I like making titles that have repeating first letters (what's that called?  alliteration?)'s my thing.  Catchy, no? *adjusts collar*  Anyways, a real quick post on some direction that I'll be heading in that I wanted to announce and share with everyone.

A Beginner's Gold Guide
First off, I've decided to write my own gold guide.  I know. I know.  You're thinking damn, another gold guide?  Seriously? How is this guide going to be different than the hundreds of others?  Yes, but not just another guide. My guide will be focused on carrying the beginner (zero knowledge of gold making which was exactly where I was a little awhile ago) through the fundamental steps of learning and understanding how to make gold in the easiest ways possible.  A beginner's step-one to success guide.  I'll be explaining how easy it is to make gold and walking you through  the ABCs.  No experience necessary.

Making Gold is Easy!
When will it be released?  I'll be taking my time writing it so it's in the condition I'm satisfied with when it's made available.  I'm not in it to become rich so the cost will be minimal (probably under $5.00 and available on some major online resource).  It will have full color pictures, screenshots, illustrations (maybe even some of my own custom artwork, yes I'm an artist).  It'll be worth it's weight in gold when finalized and I hope it helps many gamers reach their goals, whether that be to make 10k, 100k, or 1 million+.  More details soon.

Second, I'll be also recording some podcasts.  In the real-world (yes we do have to cross-realm into that world for school, college, work, etc every now and then) I'm an Information Security Professional (20+ years) with strong hobbies and interest in writing, art, and photography.  So why not combine all these and start pushing out some content to help people play World of Warcraft, answer questions, provide direction, all in a fun relaxed way.  Learn at your own pace.  Eventually I might get into live-streaming but that's down the road.  First things first.  I do all my artwork, videos, and music on my iMac so I'm thinking of using Garage Band to do the podcast recordings.  If anyone has suggestions, please send them my way.  I'd like the recordings to be great quality and in a place that's accessible to all (iTunes? YouTube?).  If you have experience with doing podcasts, please reach out and share what you know.  You can e-mail me at or find me on Twitter @WowProfitz.  Thanks to those who have already touched base with me and provided some initial information.  Greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for lending your eyes and reading this.  I hope this message finds you gaming well and bathing in the glory of everything shiny, namely gold!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Methodical Morning Methods

My morning routine is pretty simple and I'm sure you all have your own but this one has worked for me since day one and proved profitable so I stuck with it.  I keep adding additions and modifications as I learn new things or something needs to be tweaked.  For the most part, I'm pulling in 3-10k/day minimum.

  1. Skip to the mailbox to pickup my fair share of weight in gold from sold auctions
    (I love the sound of gold in the morning)
  2. Get all the items that haven't sold from the mailbox
    (Having large bags helps here. My toon is equipped with all Embersilks which I made from my other tailoring toon to reduce on the cost.)
  3. Relist all the items
    (I always use 12-hour listing since it costs less and the competition is high)
  4. Search for flippable armor/weaponry.  I buy everything that is equal to or below my threshold setup in TradeSkillMaster.  My current categories are the following:
  5. Check for Undercuts!
    • Cata Greens 77-80 i272+ Armor
    • Cata Greens 77-80 i272+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Greens 85 i390+ Armor
    • Pandaria Greens 85 i390+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Greens 83-84 i363+ Armor
    • Pandaria Greens 83-84 i363+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Blues 80-85 i400+ Armor
      (some call these uber blues)
    • Pandaria Blues 80-85 i400+ Weaponry
  6. Do an undercut cancel search
    (canceling any undercuts on the AH.  Yes, I actually do this step for obvious reasons.  Some might argue that you're wasting gold canceling all the time, which is true if you don't have a routine of when you check them and cancel them.  Camping the AH and canceling them every 10 minutes could be costly.  I do this maybe 2-3x/day at key points like on a Morning, Noon, Night rotation)
  7. Relist any item(s) that have been undercut
  8. Do my deal finding list searches.
    Mine are the following so far:
    • Sunwell Rares (mostly recipes)
    • xMogs (750+ items)
      (Thanks to my friend Phat Lewts for providing this.  Check out his page for further details.  It's a large list but contains a sweet amount of the top xMog items that people would be interested in.  I've made the appropriate gold threshold change for my preferences)
    • Lich King 50-75 Shields
      (Shields have always sold pretty good.  This is a custom list I created off Wowhead and converted to a Dealfinding List.  It needs some tweaking but I'm watching what sells, what looks pretty etc and changing over time)
  9. List any deal finding items
  10. Rinse-and-Repeat
By this time, items have already started to sell again!  I installed an addon that Phat Lewts mentioned which makes a nice cha-ching sold when items sell.  It's called iSold (I wonder if Apple has a problem with this...) and is a little outdated but still works fine if you enable it for out-dated addons in your configuration.
Leverage TSM_Accounting to watch your sales at least once a week!
Well, that's it folks...I'll add to this as necessary over time and change and share what I'm learning.  The above isn't new by any means and I've learned tips and tricks from many people all of which I give credit too at the time of posting if they're unique.

I hope this finds you well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Hour - One Hundred Gold Challenge

Hear ye...hear ye....come one....come all...a challenge for all gold makers abroad!

An idea came to me that I wanted to share, since I'm going through it myself to prove out the gold making business and how simple it really is (well, not that simple but it's easy to make gold if you think about it, spend the time learning and applying.  Don't settle for being one of those beggars sitting in the cities scrounging for coppers...although this is profitable too if you can live with yourself after doing it).

Anyways, I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a challenge and extend it to all gold fans out there (hopefully now new faithful readers of this blog *coughs*).

Interested?  Here goes...


  1. Pick one-toon only (level doesn't matter)
  2. Starting Capital:  100 gold
  3. Purchase Time Limit:  1 hour (you have only 1 hour to purchase item(s) off the AH)
  4. All item(s) must be sold on the AH and not through personal sales (leveraging trade chat) isn't permitted
  5. You can purchase any amount of item(s) but the total can't exceed 100 gold
  6. All item(s) must be purchased off the Auction House from someone you don't know or have affiliations to/with (you can't have your friend list high-priced items for cheap)
  7. Craftables are not permitted (you can't craft your own item(s) to sell on the AH)
  8. Auction House listing fees must also come out of the starting 100 gold capital
  9. You can't roll-over the gold once item(s) sell
  10. AH Listing Time Limit:  12 hours
  11. If item(s) don't sell within the 12 hours, you can't count the value of the item(s)


You buy 3 items and spend just under 100g allowing you to post them for 12 hours
You sold 2 and end up getting 1 item back after 12 hours
Your gold would include the 2 item sales and what ever you had left over after listing all 3
It wouldn't include the value of the 3rd item which you didn't sell.

Share Experience/Results of this Challenge:
What's the total amount of gold you ended up with at the end of the 12 hour posting(s)?

Please submit your tallies and a description of what you bought (purchased price and sale price), along with your overall thought process as you went through this experience.  Screenshots are welcome!

What do you win if you have the most gold at the end of the challenge?  Nothing really - besides being listed on this blog and receiving kudos (maybe I'll give you a title as 'Gold Broker of the Month'.  It's just for fun folks.  It's an open/friendly contest between gold makers to help you think a little bit and add some challenge to your daily routines.  It will be fun!  Just do it already...

I'm hoping to receive a few submissions that I can share on the next blog post for this challenge.

Submit all details to

Enjoy the challenge!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comical Commerce

Everything sells.

No matter where you are in your gold-making endeavors (maybe new just like I am having only started on this quest like 2 weeks ago), you can become successful and make as much gold as you want if you put time into it.  NONE of the tactics I've learned so far are hard it just takes time, initial capital (I'm not talking about thousands to get started. No.  I'm talking about maybe 100g!  Yes YOU can do this too!), and patience.  With these three components, you'll be making gold hand-over-fist in no time.

It's an amazing thing when you can run around town gathering white-items off vendors for copper to silver pieces each and flip them for hundreds of gold.  I scratch my head as to why this happens (maybe it's a cosmic alignment happening in Azeroth forcing commerce sales and impulse shopping to occur?).

Regardless, your mailbox will smell good when you pick up the gold from selling Beautiful Wildflowers.  I mean come on....this isn't even an RP (role playing) server where I could see someone sending these to someone for a wedding gift, birthday, or even a hot love affair (I think this happens a lot's not just the sound of those annoying trains in the Auction House that get people hot)...not sure what they're doing with them.  Hell, maybe its a new gold tactic that I don't know about and I'm the one being hustled here. Damn!  I didn't think of it that way until now. *rubs chin and ponders how many people are laughing at me now*

To make your share of coin on these beautiful wonders, find your local floral vendor in one of the major cities. The screenshot shows The Trade District in Stormwind on the Alliance side.  The shop is located in the back side of the district near the water.  As you can see, these are available for only a few silver each.  They also sell the Red and Black Roses here too which sell for a decent markup considering the purchase price.  WARNING:  Just because they cost a little, doesn't mean you should buy 100 of them and list them all... remember the key to selling something is having people think it's a rare item and a great deal.  Seeing that many listed will only deter them and the next thing you know they're all popping up wowhead, calling you a donkey for listing them, and canceling their bid on your flowers!  Happy investing!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Perfectly Purchased Perfection

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time reviewing the statistics on The Undermine Journal (TUJ).  I'm sure you have it bookmarked already but if you don't, I would book mark this one right now.  Not only can you find pretty decent deals (Great Deals) but you can track your own auctions, check undercuts, current market value across all professions, see a break down of what you're selling in categories, what over top-sellers are moving, trending data, and more.

What I found most interesting today is its ability to capture and graphically report market-value on existing gems (whether uncut, perfect, epic) by color.  This makes is easier to know what could potentially sell on the AH with your Jewelcrafter instead of mindlessly burning through cuts without understanding their sell points.  This gets refreshed every hour like the statistics do.  Obviously this is all point-in-time and doesn't last over time so frequent visits to see what's hot is important.  Have you bookmarked it yet?

Check this it out - even with color coding to help you identify what's selling/cost quicker.  

An excerpt from TUJ explains the colors: "A blue background indicates that gem is selling under 75% of the price of the uncut gem. A yellow background indicates a gem selling for 1.5 times over the uncut price, and the red background indicates a gem selling for 3 times the price of its uncut counterpart."

This picture only shows the Pandaria Gems but it lists them all from Pandaria, Lich King, Meta Gems, and more.  Overall, I'm finding as mentioned in an earlier post, perfect gems sell at a pretty decent rate/value (~50-300g/ea) as well as uncut Cata gems in stacks (100-800g/stack), but the normal gems are a tough sell unless you're willing to dump at a low price.  Personally, I drop these in the guild bank in stacks of 20 for new toons coming up.  Since this market changes SO MUCH and there is SO MUCH competition, I would recommend a 12-hour listing on the AH too.  Spend as little coin as possible listing because you might be listing them several times before a sale is made which all eats into your bottom-line profitz....I mean profit.  ;)

Game Hard!  Sell Harder!