Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comical Commerce

Everything sells.

No matter where you are in your gold-making endeavors (maybe new just like I am having only started on this quest like 2 weeks ago), you can become successful and make as much gold as you want if you put time into it.  NONE of the tactics I've learned so far are hard it just takes time, initial capital (I'm not talking about thousands to get started. No.  I'm talking about maybe 100g!  Yes YOU can do this too!), and patience.  With these three components, you'll be making gold hand-over-fist in no time.

It's an amazing thing when you can run around town gathering white-items off vendors for copper to silver pieces each and flip them for hundreds of gold.  I scratch my head as to why this happens (maybe it's a cosmic alignment happening in Azeroth forcing commerce sales and impulse shopping to occur?).

Regardless, your mailbox will smell good when you pick up the gold from selling Beautiful Wildflowers.  I mean come on....this isn't even an RP (role playing) server where I could see someone sending these to someone for a wedding gift, birthday, or even a hot love affair (I think this happens a lot's not just the sound of those annoying trains in the Auction House that get people hot)...not sure what they're doing with them.  Hell, maybe its a new gold tactic that I don't know about and I'm the one being hustled here. Damn!  I didn't think of it that way until now. *rubs chin and ponders how many people are laughing at me now*

To make your share of coin on these beautiful wonders, find your local floral vendor in one of the major cities. The screenshot shows The Trade District in Stormwind on the Alliance side.  The shop is located in the back side of the district near the water.  As you can see, these are available for only a few silver each.  They also sell the Red and Black Roses here too which sell for a decent markup considering the purchase price.  WARNING:  Just because they cost a little, doesn't mean you should buy 100 of them and list them all... remember the key to selling something is having people think it's a rare item and a great deal.  Seeing that many listed will only deter them and the next thing you know they're all popping up wowhead, calling you a donkey for listing them, and canceling their bid on your flowers!  Happy investing!

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