Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Staying Profitable = Smiling Prettily

"The hourglass kept sifting through the narrow way until the last granule fell freely to the pile where its brothers laid.  Then, time seemed to stand still.  Even the breath of a thousand souls within went silent.  The air seemed to have died.  Was this the end?  Have the mighty gods themselves given up on the mortality of flesh?" ~Profitz

Good morning everyone!  There is nothing like breakfast with a side order of gold!  Over this past week, since my last Gold PvP'n post, things continue to become interesting.  The green market seemed to have split in half for me profit wise so knowing this was the case, I kept looking for alternative ways to continue to make gold and I have.  It's great to be able to lean on some folks and rub shoulders with people who have been doing this a long time.  In this tight knit gold-making community, everyone is always willing to offer advice, you just need to ask. (Yes, they do share their wisdom unlike people in the real-world where they're territorial and hold-close-to-the-vest their secrets for job security)


Small Sales = Gold Love
Even though my green markets dipped a bit, I've made up for that with additional streams of venue from low raw gems, tailoring, and the increase of recent xmog sales.  I'm back up to averaging around 8-10k/day and have brought my total liquid gold to 562,232.  (Just think...only ~438k more to go...)  Take heed fellow beginner gold-makers, never forget a profit is a profit.  The journey to gold-cap doesn't have to be with large sales.  Every single piece of copper counts as long as it's a profit.  So don't wait for the large sales, making a lot of smaller sales adds up to a pretty pile too!

Since I'm aiming at gold cap for the first time, I'm straying away from any large purchases.  (maybe it's the first-time gold-cap sickness but I'm mesmerized by just starring at the numbers instead of something extravagant in material possession - I'm sure this might change somewhere down the rainbow) I'm sure this might change once I reach it for the first time but I will probably always never go below 900k.  This gives me about a 100k purchase window and yes, I don't plan on stopping after I gold cap.  It's just too much fun!  Have you tried making gold as a side hobby in the game?  You'll love it..trust this clown!

Even though I haven't gold capped on a single toon yet, I started breaking out items that I'm now selling across multiple toons.  Why am I doing this?  It's just easier to manage and simplifies re-posting a bit.  It was taking quite awhile to go through 600+ auctions and mailbox time on a single toon.  I figure if I space it out a bit and manage the posting times and designate which toons will sell what based upon their current professions, (I'm not spreading out too thin now, I'm just talking about 3-4 toons) it would be easier.  Well so far I'm liking it.  Plus it also gives you some more names to post under instead of that one.  (You know...the moment you logon you're getting whispers...spread the hate mail around shall we?)

One of my Brazilian friends Spooby reaches Level 90!

Spooby:  First, a battle cry shout-out to Spooby for reaching level 90!  He was close on my last live-stream but was kind enough to send in a picture of his achievement shortly thereafter.  Congratz my friend!  Also thanks for your continued support in the IRC channel.

My Gnome Warlock!  <3 Rawrcast!
Rawrcast:  A battle cry to Rawrcast for making this epic wallpaper!  If you haven't already done so folks and you have a smart-phone, head on over to their site and download their mobile app!  It's a great program and makes listening to their shows while on the road, at work, in school, or even grinding in game, easier.  Also, who wouldn't want a nice Gnome Warlock wallpaper??  *winks*

If you haven't stopped in our IRC channel yet to chat, please do so today!  We're slowing building up a steady user base and the people who are joining are contributing to the lively conversations.  Please note, this isn't just about gold making folks.  As my topic states in the channel: "Establishing a Strong World of Warcraft Community - Daily Chat: Economics, Podcasting, Raiding, Guilds, and everything WoW."  HELP US GROW this community connection and join in the fun today.  Bring your own expertise to the channel as well.

How do I join?
1.  Use the web-client:  Simply click here and select your own alias/nickname
2.  Using your favorite IRC client - here are the settings:
       Chat server:  irc.gamesurge.net
       Port: 6667 - 7000
       Channel:  #wowprofitz

The Lighthouse Project will be heading into the studio for it's FIRST recording this week folks!!  Stay tuned for the first segment on The Cross-Realm podcast #5.  This is going to be awesome and one to help the beginner in a way that they can follow along with the show and set themselves up for making some coin.

World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide:  I've been asked to be a Technical Reviewer for a new gold making strategy guide and I'm really enjoying the experience.  The content of this guide seems spot on and covers a variety of topics.  I can't disclose further details but it should be a great buy when it becomes available.  Plus, I also get a plug in the book and a free copy.  Bonus!  To me, it wasn't about making $$ in real-life for my time but just the experience and honor to be a part of something like this.  I'm very honored.  Thanks to the person who decided to bring on the new-clown-on-the-block.

"For the present I will ask all of you what you see as the principle. Each one of you should state your own understanding." ~Bassui

Until we meet again...farewell.


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