Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cross-Realm Podcast #8 with Fellow Gold Maker: Phatlewts!

"The clock struck the top of the hour and two cloaked figures entered the bustling tavern and claimed a table in one of the dark corners.  Something was different about them.  Silence was only broken by the squeal of bar wenches getting their tushes pinched and the general buzz of drunkards musing themselves over their tall tales to impress the ears of any who would give a listen.  The cloaked figures though were serious.  They did not give any attention to the commoners.  One slid across the table to the other some parchment and in return, a bag which sang of coins, was given in return.  The deal was done finally."  ~Profitz

The Cross-Realm Podcast #8 brings you another exciting behind-the-scenes exclusive interview (this is his first appearance on a podcast and I'm honored to be doing it) with fellow gold making contributor and pioneer, author of Phat Lewt's Gold Blog, Phatlewts!  This is a man who has helped me greatly with not only understanding key aspects of gold making like the transmog markets but also some philosophy on gaining suppliers, manipulating markets, and leading with great posts within the community.  It is examples like this gentleman provides, that keeps me doing what I'm doing and I'm pleased to have had the time to sit down, get to know him a little better, and provide this podcast for you to appreciate.  I hope you enjoy!

Without further ado, Mr. Phatlewts ladies and gentlemen!

The Cross-Realm Podcast 8 with PhatLewts (MP3) (Play directly with Yahoo's Player)

I hope you enjoy this podcast!  If you have any comments, please send them in and provide some onsite feedback through the comments section of this blog.

Best wishes and happy gold making!


"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." ~Andy Warhol

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