Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meticulously Managed

"I was white as a sheet and stood there like a zombie numb to the world around me. I couldn't move. My eyes couldn't focus and were crusted over with a hideous pink hue. I tried to speak but nothing came out and my insides ached with muscle pain. Signals were sent to my brain to simply give up.  I twitched. Flies began to make their home on my flesh. Perhaps even laying eggs inside of me. Would I become one of them? Motionless..." ~Profitz

I'm very please to announce that I've reached the next tier in my gold making progress by passing the 700,000 gold marker placing me within viewing distance of ~300k gold away from cap! (of course give a few coppers here and there for my balloons and party favorites can get costly. I'll be glad when I can check this goal off as done!  What an adventure is has been so far...and to think, I wouldn't have met most of you if I didn't jump in this world.  Very honored)

I've been tracking my progress along the way and wanted to provide some quick updates. (Rule #2 in Gold Anonymous, you must have a spreadsheet and it must be pretty. Rule #1 is we don't talk about Gold Anonymous *queues Fight Club theme song here* but I already failed on that now didn't I?  damn!!)
Daily Total Gold Earned 8 Weeks

In our first diagram, you can see a running 8 week spread of total gold earned per week.  As you can tell (and I said this from the beginning) I'm showing it like it is and sharing my successes and failures.  I'm not sure if it's been all the helium I've been inhaling at these clown parties or what, but my sales have dipped quite a bit.

Eying the chart, sales went down week to week almost 40-50%. *gasps*  Hell, maybe people are catching on and taking some profitZ (see what I did there?) for themselves....either way, I'm cool with it.  I always say, as long as the day passes with > 1 copper in sales, I'm good.  It's a step forward.  And in this business, there are a hell of a lot of steps and if they're all forward, that's even better.  I do want to note here though, that all these steps are repeatable and proven for the most part.  If I can do it, that means anyone can make this coin by following proven repeatable processes day-to-day.  (Now if that doesn't sound like a 2AM info-commercial, I don't know what does! LOL *BEEP* *BEEP*  We all float down here Georgie!)

The good thing about tracking your progression, is you can always look back and learn so much from your journey.  I mean I'll be carrying this information with me for awhile and can always go back and appreciate where I've been and what I had to go through to get here.  The trip by no means is over (some have even commented that it never truly ends either) it's just another stepping stone in-the-right-direction to reach my goal.  Honestly, I can't wait until I can put a check mark next to it as *completed* and move on to more projects.  I've been really enjoying live-streaming as of late and podcasting.  More details on this below.
Running Daily Gold Total Since 1/2 million marker
Selling every 10-20 seconds!
As you all know, we've entered the first day of the DMF again!  It's pretty funny when you start planning your real-life around in-game events (I's a sickness) but for this week's DMF, I've been preparing for about 3 weeks since the last faire rolled out of town.  My last sales back then spiked considerably by just selling DMF quest items.

So, why not. I decided to try it again this month and so far, it's proven to be a great success raking in close to 30,000 gold in sales for just today alone!  Remember guys, repeatable-processes work.  This is nothing new, you just have to tune in, become familiar with it and trust it'll work over time.  Honestly, it's SO DAMN EXCITING to hear the *cha-ching* sound from all the sales as they tickle my ears in delightful play.  I hope you're all enjoying the faire as well as Noble Gardens.

I'm all about simple.  If it's simple and repeatable, then I want to get in on that.  I've recently been dabbling in the simple-gem market with only Tin Ore.  Prospecting like crazy and buying at a certain threshold to ensure when it sells, I'm maximizing profit.  This continues to work and always surprises me on how much gold you can make on this.  I mean I'm just prospecting and selling raw simple-gems...stuff that anyone could be doing even at a lower level.

If you haven't tried this out yet...get in on it folks and prove to yourselves that it works.  This is something important to remember.  If you're new to gold making or simply wanting to enter a new market, take it SLOW and prove to yourself that it works first before investing too much or spending a lot of time on something.

I recently started live-streaming only a month or so back.  I started with Adobe Flash Encoder and CamTwist (I'm on a Mac) and now moved into using Wirecast.  Yes, I spent the coin to buy Wirecast out of my own pocket and I truly love this product.  I have no issues in investing in something that I love doing.  If I think about it, I spent a ton with my art supplies, my photography stuff, and even the Mac I'm using now.  It's only money and if it brings in some happiness in real-life, it's worth it.  At least to me it is.  I also contribute to quite a few causes in the community and I'm proud that I'm able to help people when times are tough.  I'm not going to list here what I've contributed to, because it's not about me at all, it's about helping people.

So here are a few projects I've been live-streaming if you haven't heard of them yet.  I enjoyed creating the banners too.  It's like combining the many hobbies I have into one dumping ground of creativity.  I'll post a link next to each one if you wanted some details about them.
NOTE: if you're interested in getting in on this FREE-GIFT contest, read this post and see details at the bottom.  TOMORROW is the LAST DAY for entry Good luck everyone and thanks for sending in your guesses to those who already have.
Gold Making on a Low Pop Realm

a Father & Son PVP mini-series

Please send in your comments/feedback.  I love hearing from you all.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support me and watch my live-streams, comment on my podcasts or simply send emails in.  I read all of them and appreciate it.  I've also reached a milestone with my site of 18,000 visitors!!

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In closing guys, I wish you all the best.  Spring truly is here and never forget to step away from the keyboard and enjoy some fresh air every now and then.  It's healthy and will only keep you gaming longer!

Best regards to you and your families.


“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.” ~Bruce Lee

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