Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Cross-Realm Podcast # 7 with The Drunken Mogul, GoblinRaset!

"The bottle became empty and the last drop landed on my craving tongue with delight.  I wasn't satisfied and sought out more.  The warmth of my insides blended with my blurred vision carried my stumbling body across the floor boards freely floating to the left and then to the right.  They creaked in a way that almost sung to me a memory that brought me back to my childhood.  Unsure of my whereabouts I dismissed and mumbled out with a wrinkled nose, "bll oooddy...gahh....blin....".  ~Profitz

The Cross-Realm Podcast #7 strikes with the introduction of The Drunken Mogul himself, GoblinRaset!  He's a gentleman and a scholar in the gold-making community and is really providing some good content on his newly founded blog.  Additionally, he just started live-streaming too which was great to see and is placing his drunken mark with a smile across the community.  I look forward to great things coming from him and wanted to share this up-close and personal behind-the-scenes interview...without further ado, The Drunken Mogul ladies and gentlemen!!

The Cross-Realm Podcast 7 with The Drunken Mogul, GoblinRaset (MP3)
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Thank you fellow gold makers and adventurers.  I hope you found this podcast an entertaining one!
I also love hearing from the community.  Send in your feedback and comment below.

Happy profits!

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