Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fabulous Flipping Fun

There is nothing better than finding a great deal (sometimes better than great..they're epic!) on the auction house and flipping it for huge profits.  Walking up to the mailbox and the sound of coins dropping into you backpack is priceless!

Over the last week, I've found some great deals on Level 80-85 blues (non-craftables, starting at item level 400 and up).  They're also referred to as "Uber Blues" to some gold/AH experts.  People love to buy these up at premium prices as their toons will be boosted to battle against Pandarian foes.  Thinking back, it's exactly what people did for pre-staging their toons with Cataclysm gear at levels 77-80 (these greens are also very valuable to date also).

Taking a look at the purchases (see screenshot), I sometimes wonder if people mis-posted them or simply didn't know they had; a very valuable treasure.  Regardless, the profits are there to make (having made ~22.5K in gold inside 3-4 days isn't too shabby) if you look for them and scour through the listings.  Spend wisely and reap big rewards by simply standing at the Auction House and running back and forth to your closest mailbox.

Over the next couple days, I'll be focusing on bringing up my mage's tailoring (capping to 600).  I'm currently sitting at 450ish range and dropped some coin to accelerate the training.  Additionally I'll be focusing on also capping Enchanting to assist with more markets to profit from.

What have you been focusing on?  Are you satisfied with your current gold sales on the Auction House?  I'd love to hear from you and see what your most profitable sale was.  Send me an email or comment.

Happy gaming!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't $ell Yourself $hort

It's interesting how many on the auction house will continuously lower their prices and sell-themselves-cheap, pretty much giving away their wares to make minimal profits.  For some this might seem ok, but those experienced know that it's all about profits and making as much of a profit-margin (return on investment - ROI, blah blah blah) as possible.

Personally, I stockpile item(s) on a bank alt based upon their value and sell when the time is right.  Sure my gold will be tied up for a longer period of time but it'll take that item out of the market and will increase in value over time.  Albeit, if there are ten thousand of the item you have, stockpiling and reselling might take a little longer than usual....but what's the rush?  The gold will come.  Sell at the right time when the value is at it's highest.

With TradeSkillMaster (TSM), you can setup thresholds to only sell items based upon a minimum value (which you set in price and it'll tell you if any existing auctions are 'below' your minimum and won't post it.  See orange text: "Cheapest auction below threshold.") and also the quantity.  There's nothing more annoying to a buyer than seeing a single-item listed 100 times by the same seller.  This will actually turn them away and in some cases, will pay more for stacks if they see that.  Knowing your market and having an understanding of how many items you should be selling at once of the same type is a science in itself. (blue text: "Maximum amount already posted.").

Yesterday I was lucky enough to buy Grakl's Gleaming Talisman for 25 gold!  Yes, that's twenty-five gold (obviously a mis-listed item or someone didn't know what they had).  I in turn listed it on the AH, for about 7,500 gold.  Immediately I received quite a few whispers telling me it's not worth that much and they would give me 5K...then 6K, etc.  Don't let people try to undersell your items....know the value and wait until it sells - do research and get what your realm and overall history of the value is from  It sold tonight for what I was asking without compromise.  I was pleased and this pushed me over the 100K marker!  I'm 1/10th of the way to gold cap on this toon anyways...

The thrill is in the hunt!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The bodies lay riddled on the mossy plains just whispering to you to help them end their suffering and claim the last of their life essence...or something like that – just use your skinning knife will you already!

There is nothing better than stumbling upon a nice area of mobs that are all skinnable and no one else in the area is a skinner!  Now that's Skintastic!

It's actually a very popular spot (East of the Pools of Purity where the turtles are) and by no means a secret but it's great for farming Exotic Leather and also a chance to pick up some MoP greens.  That's something you should know, learning to make gold doesn't have to be a secret, it's just people repeating processes that have proved to work and/or taking advantage of windows where a spot is good but then gets nerfed (Blizzard basically patches it up or changes the behavior of the area/mobs/frequency/drop-rates, etc) and no longer functions as it did.  This however, is still sweet and holds a special place in my skinning career.

In the very early morning I camped this spot for about an hour or so and took in well over 25 stacks of leather including 4 MoP greens.   That's including getting some honor from blasting down enemies and taking the additional time to hug and gloat of your victory.  Anyways (laughs), depending upon your realm's economy, this could range anywhere from 2K-6K GPH (Gold Per Hour) and you're not doing anything but skinning!  Skintastic!

Now if you wanted some pvp training, this is also a place to be since it's heavily populated and both factions are there for quests and cooking supplies on the turtles.  It's fun and keeps the gaming spicy. The flow would go something like this: Skin > PvP someone > Dance a Little and hug them > Skin some more > Rinse n Repeat.

If you're not having fun doing what you're doing, then somethings wrong!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Purposeful Professions

I finally capped three new professions to help me on this new realm.  My main toon is a level 90 Prot/Holy Paladin with Illustrious in Mining and Jewelcrafting.  My Mage is level 85 Frost/Fire and an hour or so ago capped Skinning.  This opens a whole new realm to entering some of the other markets. My head is spinning with opportunities.  I feel an inner struggle with being pulled in so many directions...there is so much to do!  I LOVE IT!!!

I'm finding with Jewelcrafting that I'm making some serious coin (well to me right now a couple thousand gold is serious) selling stacks of raw gems.  I'm hoping this pace continues a little longer so I can make some ground and get some buying power for flipping items, finding deals and rewarding snatches.  I think I'm going over the top with my auctions, being listed as one of the top "busy sellers" on Undermine Journal already for my realm standing with 850+ auctions totaling (if everything sells which I know it won't but I'm still having happy thoughts...*cries*) 182K gold!  If things were only that simply...but in a way, I'm glad they aren't.  I live by the motto..."The Thrill Is In The Hunt".

Speaking of Jewelcrafting some more.  I'm finding that cut gems sell slower and there is a lot of competition.  So why fight with the competition when they all need the raw-gems to do the cutting?  If there are less suppliers of raw materials, then I'm jumping into that market while it lasts.

To save a little coin on AH fees and after reading through some tips on Consortium, I cut the listing down from 48 hours to 12 hours and setup appropriate TSM (TradeSkillMaster) Categories/Groups (Thanks Jim Younkin for your video on this: with appropriate 'Post Caps' set so I don't spam a certain market with the same items.  I believe if people think there is only 2-5 of these certain gems in all of Azeroth...then they must be worth more gold, no?  *cough*

Anyways, back to farming some.  I took a little break and went into ICC 10 and downed the Lich King...felt gooooood in a nostalgic way (hey, I still love the older raids...they'll never die in my eyes).  Some nice transmogs weps too.  *happy dance*

Tastefully True

So here I am. My name is Profitz (aka: Wireddreamer), and I've been playing World of Warcraft for about 6-7 years. And yet finally, I'm entering into the gold making adventure in World of Warcraft on a new realm and also for the first time. Albeit, I dabbled in gold making before and made about 200K but nothing to the extent that I set my reaches out for now, gold cap at a pretty 1 million on a new realm.

The former I made on a medium populated realm where the economy was iffy. Things would sell and there were competitors but there really wasn't any challenge. Having moved to a high-pop realm now, it's truly an adventure. Another reason is simply to enjoy my passion of writing and being competitive. My journals will be straight forward and simple. If I get tips from other sources, they will of course be mentioned and retain the 'props' for providing great tips. I'm not one to take credit where credit is due. There are quite a few people that I started following in the past couple weeks as my desire continued to burn to simply learn more and enter this exciting aspect of the game.  Here are simply a couple that I'd like to thank up front for peaking my interest and finally pushing me into this quest:'s mastermind/entertainer Jim Younkin

Clockwork Riot's wondrous and elegant Faid

The Consortium's collaborative collective crew of genius

I'm not extremely experienced and don't know all the tips-of-the-trade in gold making but that's part of my journey. Learning as I go, brushing shoulders with other folks who've mastered specialties and markets (see the aforementioned above ^^) and enjoying the digits as they roll up.

So here I am...a wise man once said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step...”. first step.