Sunday, January 27, 2013


The bodies lay riddled on the mossy plains just whispering to you to help them end their suffering and claim the last of their life essence...or something like that – just use your skinning knife will you already!

There is nothing better than stumbling upon a nice area of mobs that are all skinnable and no one else in the area is a skinner!  Now that's Skintastic!

It's actually a very popular spot (East of the Pools of Purity where the turtles are) and by no means a secret but it's great for farming Exotic Leather and also a chance to pick up some MoP greens.  That's something you should know, learning to make gold doesn't have to be a secret, it's just people repeating processes that have proved to work and/or taking advantage of windows where a spot is good but then gets nerfed (Blizzard basically patches it up or changes the behavior of the area/mobs/frequency/drop-rates, etc) and no longer functions as it did.  This however, is still sweet and holds a special place in my skinning career.

In the very early morning I camped this spot for about an hour or so and took in well over 25 stacks of leather including 4 MoP greens.   That's including getting some honor from blasting down enemies and taking the additional time to hug and gloat of your victory.  Anyways (laughs), depending upon your realm's economy, this could range anywhere from 2K-6K GPH (Gold Per Hour) and you're not doing anything but skinning!  Skintastic!

Now if you wanted some pvp training, this is also a place to be since it's heavily populated and both factions are there for quests and cooking supplies on the turtles.  It's fun and keeps the gaming spicy. The flow would go something like this: Skin > PvP someone > Dance a Little and hug them > Skin some more > Rinse n Repeat.

If you're not having fun doing what you're doing, then somethings wrong!

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