Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fabulous Flipping Fun

There is nothing better than finding a great deal (sometimes better than great..they're epic!) on the auction house and flipping it for huge profits.  Walking up to the mailbox and the sound of coins dropping into you backpack is priceless!

Over the last week, I've found some great deals on Level 80-85 blues (non-craftables, starting at item level 400 and up).  They're also referred to as "Uber Blues" to some gold/AH experts.  People love to buy these up at premium prices as their toons will be boosted to battle against Pandarian foes.  Thinking back, it's exactly what people did for pre-staging their toons with Cataclysm gear at levels 77-80 (these greens are also very valuable to date also).

Taking a look at the purchases (see screenshot), I sometimes wonder if people mis-posted them or simply didn't know they had; a very valuable treasure.  Regardless, the profits are there to make (having made ~22.5K in gold inside 3-4 days isn't too shabby) if you look for them and scour through the listings.  Spend wisely and reap big rewards by simply standing at the Auction House and running back and forth to your closest mailbox.

Over the next couple days, I'll be focusing on bringing up my mage's tailoring (capping to 600).  I'm currently sitting at 450ish range and dropped some coin to accelerate the training.  Additionally I'll be focusing on also capping Enchanting to assist with more markets to profit from.

What have you been focusing on?  Are you satisfied with your current gold sales on the Auction House?  I'd love to hear from you and see what your most profitable sale was.  Send me an email or comment.

Happy gaming!

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