Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tastefully True

So here I am. My name is Profitz (aka: Wireddreamer), and I've been playing World of Warcraft for about 6-7 years. And yet finally, I'm entering into the gold making adventure in World of Warcraft on a new realm and also for the first time. Albeit, I dabbled in gold making before and made about 200K but nothing to the extent that I set my reaches out for now, gold cap at a pretty 1 million on a new realm.

The former I made on a medium populated realm where the economy was iffy. Things would sell and there were competitors but there really wasn't any challenge. Having moved to a high-pop realm now, it's truly an adventure. Another reason is simply to enjoy my passion of writing and being competitive. My journals will be straight forward and simple. If I get tips from other sources, they will of course be mentioned and retain the 'props' for providing great tips. I'm not one to take credit where credit is due. There are quite a few people that I started following in the past couple weeks as my desire continued to burn to simply learn more and enter this exciting aspect of the game.  Here are simply a couple that I'd like to thank up front for peaking my interest and finally pushing me into this quest:'s mastermind/entertainer Jim Younkin

Clockwork Riot's wondrous and elegant Faid

The Consortium's collaborative collective crew of genius

I'm not extremely experienced and don't know all the tips-of-the-trade in gold making but that's part of my journey. Learning as I go, brushing shoulders with other folks who've mastered specialties and markets (see the aforementioned above ^^) and enjoying the digits as they roll up.

So here I am...a wise man once said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step...”. first step.

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