Saturday, January 26, 2013

Purposeful Professions

I finally capped three new professions to help me on this new realm.  My main toon is a level 90 Prot/Holy Paladin with Illustrious in Mining and Jewelcrafting.  My Mage is level 85 Frost/Fire and an hour or so ago capped Skinning.  This opens a whole new realm to entering some of the other markets. My head is spinning with opportunities.  I feel an inner struggle with being pulled in so many directions...there is so much to do!  I LOVE IT!!!

I'm finding with Jewelcrafting that I'm making some serious coin (well to me right now a couple thousand gold is serious) selling stacks of raw gems.  I'm hoping this pace continues a little longer so I can make some ground and get some buying power for flipping items, finding deals and rewarding snatches.  I think I'm going over the top with my auctions, being listed as one of the top "busy sellers" on Undermine Journal already for my realm standing with 850+ auctions totaling (if everything sells which I know it won't but I'm still having happy thoughts...*cries*) 182K gold!  If things were only that simply...but in a way, I'm glad they aren't.  I live by the motto..."The Thrill Is In The Hunt".

Speaking of Jewelcrafting some more.  I'm finding that cut gems sell slower and there is a lot of competition.  So why fight with the competition when they all need the raw-gems to do the cutting?  If there are less suppliers of raw materials, then I'm jumping into that market while it lasts.

To save a little coin on AH fees and after reading through some tips on Consortium, I cut the listing down from 48 hours to 12 hours and setup appropriate TSM (TradeSkillMaster) Categories/Groups (Thanks Jim Younkin for your video on this: with appropriate 'Post Caps' set so I don't spam a certain market with the same items.  I believe if people think there is only 2-5 of these certain gems in all of Azeroth...then they must be worth more gold, no?  *cough*

Anyways, back to farming some.  I took a little break and went into ICC 10 and downed the Lich King...felt gooooood in a nostalgic way (hey, I still love the older raids...they'll never die in my eyes).  Some nice transmogs weps too.  *happy dance*

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