Thursday, March 7, 2013

Transmog Treats = Gold Giddiness

"The morn awoke and sent its vibrance across the lands, reminding me of how gold smiled brightly and twinkled with its own smirk.  The waters were cold but soon gave birth to a new land...this new land where we anchored and set forth into exploration.  There were many of us, some from far lands, some with blood painted on their faces and the mark of beasts.  The lands were strange and dangerous with bones hugging the blood stained soil and foliage which grabbed at my very soul.  Even so, this land has proved fruitful in the couple days in its wake.  For only tomorrow knows..." ~Profitz

Greetings fellow adventurers!  I hope this post finds you well and settling in nicely to the 5.2 Patch, The Thunder King!  I've learned a few things already and wanted to take a minute to share them with you if you haven't already done so on your own.

Auctioneer Patch 5.2 i429 xMogs
Since the patch, the xmog market seems to be picking up slightly.  Probably for a couple reasons; first you can now xmog more freely (one handers into any one hander, two handers into any two hander, and staffs/polearms interchangeably) and second, there are some nice new xmog pieces introduced with this patch.  A couple days ago, I staged my TSM with a shopping list as well as created a new general query within Auctioneer to search for these new set of greens in hope that they sell well and I can catch the wave early enough to make some decent coin.  These are level 90, iLvl 429 items and they do come in sets.  Elvine has the sets listed over on his site if you want to create the TSM shopping list, or Auctionator shopping list, and you can follow my screenshot above if you wanted to configure within Auctioneer for general searches.

These are definitely worth setting up right away since sales are above 1500-2000 gold each!  I've sold so far four of these items the same day of the patch alone.  (I'm sure you know the xmog biz by now and know that even having one item sell is sweet...never mind four.  Hurry!  Set that list up and start buying and flipping) And yes, they're still being listed for (like the other green markets) under 50g!  Besides this, they look awesome too!

Example:  5.2 xmog armor and weapons selling!

Besides the xmogs picking up, I've also been able to buy a few Sunwell rare recipes (another dealfinding list within TSM) for very cheap prices and flip them for huge amounts.  I have mine setup at Wowuction for notification purposes too as well as lists within the TSM application.  (Nothing like receiving a txt msg that a deal was found and using Mobile Armory to pick it up and make a profit)


Sunwell Rare Recipes Selling Nice!
I've recently been on a personal outside-of-game quest (no, I didn't get all dressed up in my full battle plate and storm the local streets on my mechanical 4-wheeled steed) to listen to as many podcasts as possible that are on Rho's list over at Realm-Maintenance.  There are so many good ones out there I'm just glad they don't overlap and I can catch them all.  The Cross-Realm also got a plug from Rho's podcast on Realm-Maintenance - very nice to hear, thank you sir.  (Shout outs to (and this is by no means a complete list of all the great ones I've listened to this past week): SoCalWowGal, LowPopWow, Sheep Moon, Epic Podcast, Twizzcast, Legendary, The Instance, Out of Mana, Chaos Portal, Rawrcast, Tauren Think Tank), So hats off to those podcasters who are bringing tons of information to the World of Warcraft Community!

Final preparations are on their way for my first segment of The Lighthouse Project!  I can't wait to share this with you all.  I'm sure you'll really enjoy it as a periodic segment on The Cross-Realm and one that's down to earth, casual and informative.  If you're new to gold making and want to start from step one, this will take you there.  This should be available with the first session over the next week.  Stay tuned!!!

Recently, I've also started a web-based IRC chat channel.  I've created this specifically for establishing a strong World of Warcraft community and welcome daily chat on: Economics, Podcasting, Raiding, Guilds, and everything WoW.  I welcome you all to stop in and help make this our success together.  It's easy to get too and its open 24x7 (pending there are no server issues with the hosting company or raids by incoming orcs).

Be well and happy profits!


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