Sunday, March 3, 2013

Darkmoon Faire Booming! *Cha-Ching*

"And so it was, like a new breath that refreshes the soul, a new adventure blessed my path of gold.  I stood strong and strapped on my armor, weapon steadfast, looked up into the moonlight with a smile knowing the gods have blessed me this eve with the knowledge of kings.  Onward I went."  ~Profitz

Darkmoon Faire Quest Items
Greetings all.  I've recently jumped into the Darkmoon Faire quest-item market and started selling those on the AH. (yes, those quest items that you probably have so many of you either got rid of them, used them yourself, or simply gave them away!).  I learned this a couple days ago from one of the people I'm titling the King of Gold Making himself, Elvine.  Thanks my friend!

This adventure all started a couple days go when I started buying up DMF quest items and stockpiled them for the right time to start selling.  The eve of I started listing them and BOOM!!! I couldn't keep them listed fast enough.  It was so excited to see items selling so fast (it was like popcorn popping).  I made, no kidding aside, 10,000 gold in like 5 minutes after listing them.  I was weary of entering this market for the first time for I wasn't sure if they would sell or not but it was a small risk to take since I could use the items myself to build up rep, buy items from the faire, etc.  So why not, right?

DMF BOOMING! *cha-ching*
I jumped in, bought everything on the AH (all under 30g at the time listed so small investment)  and stock piled them in my bank waiting for the right time to post.  The best time to post these is the eve of or during the week of the DMF.  The prices will obviously go down as the week comes to an end but that's ok too!  This means you can buy all the items listed at cheap prices, stockpile them, and do this process again when it comes back around.

A nice dealfinding list can be found on Elvine's site (only 9 quest items so it's small).  Or you can copy/paste this from here.

Dealfinding List for TSM (currently set a 50g or less to list in the query)

Live-streaming on the DMF Boom and AH Fun.
I look forward to seeing where this ends at the end of the week.  It's exciting to learn new guys (at least new from my perspective, some folks have probably been doing this awhile) and see the returns come back so fast.

The recorded live-stream can be watched here.

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Best regards to you all and I hope DMF is kind to you as it's been to me already on day-1.

Happy gold making!


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