Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr. Happily Half (1/2 Million Gold Club)

"Turning and gazing over the dark valleys traveled, the gloomy paths were held captive by fog and mystery for at each cross-road, there was much soul searching.  I traveled on through the hills and valleys questioning my journey day in and day out until finally, behold, the mountain of the gods.  Peering up at this monstrosity seemed only fit for a deity, for I felt insignificant and small.  From it, and the swirling winds which hissed around it, I've learned a thousand scholars worth.  Into a new era I was born to, one which is only half over but still tugging at my heart to go on..." ~Profitz

Over the past thirty days, I've been tracking my progression externally in a spreadsheet.  I wanted to prove to myself that it is possible to reach a substantial amount of gold (honestly to me a 1,000 gold is still substantial never mind more than that) with following simple, proven processes and just repeating those over a period of time.  This has lead me to the 1/2 million gold (500,000 - I just had to type it out because it looks pretty.  Is there a half-million gold club somewhere?  If so, I want my pin or flare I can wear proudly while going to work... *chuckles*) marker.  I'm half way on my journey to gold cap and wanted to share a few numbers with you as well as my experiences thus far.

Since my first post, back on January 26th, I've come to realize there are some great people in this community and I've had the honor to make friends with many.  I've learned that you can learn from everyone and everything...the ups and the downs.  The positive people as well as the naysayers.  Never be discouraged and always keep your chin up knowing that you can make it to your goals (what ever your own goals are in gold-making, mine is gold-capped on one toon) if you take your time and have a lot of patience.  Become a student of many masters and learn as you go.

30 Days Tracking = 363K Profit
 Here is the spreadsheet that I track my daily numbers in.  As you can see I started tracking back on February 10th where I had 137,322 gold and just hit the half-way marker today, March 10th at 500,766 gold making a total of 363,444 gold in thirty days.  (To me, I'm pleased with that.  I know many have made it quicker, but being a beginner and taking my time, I'm satisfied with not only the gold amount but the actual experiences and friendships along the way.  Worth a lot more in gold if you ask me.)  Every night around 11PM I update that day's totals and continue to track.  Like my in-game process of buying/selling, it's a simple process and helps me stay positive and focused.  What's your process like?

With every spreadsheet comes a pretty chart if you like visuals (I'm a visual/artsy type guy so I learn more from pictures than reading).  In this chart, you can see my progression day-to-day through the entire 30 days right up to 1/2 million gold.
30 Days worth of Daily Gold Totals
On my quest to gold cap, I was inspired by a few people that have blogs, live-streams, podcasting, and thought to myself, the information that I'm learning from a beginner's perspective can probably help people just like it helped me.  They probably have the same questions that I had.  So why not get involved in these forms of communications and start contributing in your own way too?  Before long, I created my own blog, dived into podcasting, then live-streaming, and also started entering other areas of communications like chat channels, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, music stream sites like iTunes, Stitcher, and more.  It's endless what you can do and I entered these areas when I thought I had something to contribute and could share.  Slowly expanding as needed to reach more and more people in their own travels.  I hope those who follow me appreciate the content and are learning from it just like I have and continue to do.

Thank you to all who have visited and supported me.  I'm approaching 9,000 visitors on my blog.  Have reached almost 100 followers on Twitter, have received a few viewers in my live-streams, and nice feedback on the podcasting.  Simply... thank you.  *bows respectfully and with honor*

I know this journey doesn't end and that is what keeps me going day after day.  Knowing that this road, if you wanted it to, doesn't have to end at gold cap on one toon.  You can cap several toons or spend large amounts of gold on those special items (mounts perhaps?) that you always wanted to finish out your collections.  You can assist guildies or expand your army of alts with full BoAs.  The world is yours...just take it day by day and you'll be there soon enough.

May your paths be filled with riches and even more so, warm friendships.

Be well.



  1. Congratulations are in order! I have merely started on my journey myself and reached one of the many goals that lie before me. Yesterday, I totaled at 55k! :) Only 10 steps behind, but steps that will be just as memorable as the last, and I'm sure you remember them all yourself. Keep up with the great work. I look forward to continued lessons. Deuces!


    1. Farce, thanks for commenting and congratz on your own success as well! That excitement of sales never goes away no matter how much gold you have. Be well.

  2. I have spoken with a GM recently and upon his suggestion to also post on the forums but I would like to see Blizz incorporate an anonymous in-game email to accounts that would like to know where they rank like every other rankings. I am currently less than 70k from being gold capped and would really like to see where I am ranked on my server. Making gold takes quite a bit of work and we should see where we sit.

    1. Taiku: It's definitely an interesting idea. Let me know if they respond to your inquiry. Thanks for the comment and congratz on being close to gold cap!!


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