Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Methodical Morning Methods

My morning routine is pretty simple and I'm sure you all have your own but this one has worked for me since day one and proved profitable so I stuck with it.  I keep adding additions and modifications as I learn new things or something needs to be tweaked.  For the most part, I'm pulling in 3-10k/day minimum.

  1. Skip to the mailbox to pickup my fair share of weight in gold from sold auctions
    (I love the sound of gold in the morning)
  2. Get all the items that haven't sold from the mailbox
    (Having large bags helps here. My toon is equipped with all Embersilks which I made from my other tailoring toon to reduce on the cost.)
  3. Relist all the items
    (I always use 12-hour listing since it costs less and the competition is high)
  4. Search for flippable armor/weaponry.  I buy everything that is equal to or below my threshold setup in TradeSkillMaster.  My current categories are the following:
  5. Check for Undercuts!
    • Cata Greens 77-80 i272+ Armor
    • Cata Greens 77-80 i272+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Greens 85 i390+ Armor
    • Pandaria Greens 85 i390+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Greens 83-84 i363+ Armor
    • Pandaria Greens 83-84 i363+ Weaponry
    • Pandaria Blues 80-85 i400+ Armor
      (some call these uber blues)
    • Pandaria Blues 80-85 i400+ Weaponry
  6. Do an undercut cancel search
    (canceling any undercuts on the AH.  Yes, I actually do this step for obvious reasons.  Some might argue that you're wasting gold canceling all the time, which is true if you don't have a routine of when you check them and cancel them.  Camping the AH and canceling them every 10 minutes could be costly.  I do this maybe 2-3x/day at key points like on a Morning, Noon, Night rotation)
  7. Relist any item(s) that have been undercut
  8. Do my deal finding list searches.
    Mine are the following so far:
    • Sunwell Rares (mostly recipes)
    • xMogs (750+ items)
      (Thanks to my friend Phat Lewts for providing this.  Check out his page for further details.  It's a large list but contains a sweet amount of the top xMog items that people would be interested in.  I've made the appropriate gold threshold change for my preferences)
    • Lich King 50-75 Shields
      (Shields have always sold pretty good.  This is a custom list I created off Wowhead and converted to a Dealfinding List.  It needs some tweaking but I'm watching what sells, what looks pretty etc and changing over time)
  9. List any deal finding items
  10. Rinse-and-Repeat
By this time, items have already started to sell again!  I installed an addon that Phat Lewts mentioned which makes a nice cha-ching sold when items sell.  It's called iSold (I wonder if Apple has a problem with this...) and is a little outdated but still works fine if you enable it for out-dated addons in your configuration.
Leverage TSM_Accounting to watch your sales at least once a week!
Well, that's it folks...I'll add to this as necessary over time and change and share what I'm learning.  The above isn't new by any means and I've learned tips and tricks from many people all of which I give credit too at the time of posting if they're unique.

I hope this finds you well.


  1. Read this in the morning while I was processing some ore in the background, and realized I should have gotten on my main first to repost some auctions!

  2. I hear you my friend! The cycle of gold making is endless...I find myself sometimes spending 4-6 hours alone at the AH looking for treasures. *holds up gold addict sign*


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