Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surviving Stagnant Slumps

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." ~William Pollard

How true folks!  Everyday that you're going through a pattern or process, you need to have break points to check and see if there is room for improvements.  Self-analysis and process analysis is required to be successful in gold making.  One day's tip won't work the next and what you've sold for an entire week with ease will drop off the next.  Take the time to continue to be a student of the gold-making process in it's entirety (learn from everyone and everything) and also don't forget to push the envelop in new directions.  There isn't a right or wrong way...just make it your way.  Use what works and shelf (come back to it later) the rest.
Direct Sales
This week started off a little slow for me (I say slow at 8-9k/day which was down from the typical 10-13k/day last week).  Proving the above point that mindlessly going through something isn't the right way and actually ruins the fun of your gold-making mission.  So don't get stagnant in your discoveries...progress progress progress!  Always look for new innovative ways to make gold.

After reviewing my existing routine for searching for greens on the AH and snatching up blues, I decided to start dabbling in Trade Chat as well.  Now most of the time I completely stay out of it simply for the immaturity factor (yes, I don't need to see all the comments from people who simply want to make people's life miserable, the anal posts, the bashing of one-another, the trolling, etc.  You know what I'm saying. Hey, we pay for this game...why not enjoy it right?).  I enter when I need to and leave shortly thereafter.  So after experimenting in TC, and watching what people are attempting to sell (and based upon their multiple posts about the same stock they're trying to drop) I found that it's possible to do some one-off sales and sell direct as well as buy direct.  Therefore, I started something in-game I'm calling the Iron Ring Partnership (IRP, yes we need acronyms for everything these days. I don't know, it sounded cool so I just went with it and pitched it as if it's the greatest show on earth, I mean Azeroth).

What is IRP?  It's a distribution of green items directly from sellers to me exclusively. No more sitting at the AH and searching through items and having to deal with people buying out your goods!  It's an IRON RING approach for the trafficking of items.  It works and it's easy.  Find the right sellers, strike up that deal, and the rest is history.  Of course you have to find the right sellers, ones who are trust worthy and good on their delivery promises.  It's working good so far.  Items are flipping nicely regardless of whether I buy them direct or from the AH.  Note:  I buy in bulk which most people try to sell in bulk the majority of the time, especially with ores, herbs, pots/flasks, etc.  Not a lot of people sell bulk in greens, but if you pitch it, you'll receive it.  Watch the AH for those who are continually listing the items below value.  Below value because they're not trying to flip them themselves. *hint* *hint*

Besides making some gold, I talked about in my last podcast that I've been leveling a Destruction Warlock.  I'm having a blast!  I just reached level 86 and I'm almost 87 now shooting for level 90 by the end of the weekend.  In my adventures, I stumbled upon a nice place northeast of Halfhill and although they had nice pink and red hearts hanging from the front of the inn, it was anything but welcoming.  The field was riddled with bones and the fallen.  Quite exciting.  Gotta love being on a hi-pop realm that's PvP!  (No, none of those bones are mine...although it completely stopped my Dreadsteed in it's fiery tracks.  Animals are smart..they know what's up!  Listen to your mounts!  No, I'm not talking about being the next pet whisperer...)
Destro Lock = Dangerous!!

I have so much more to share with you all.  The site has received well over 3,000+ hits already and I've been contacted by fans oversears who have read my posts and enjoy my podcasts!  I've also been asked to be a guest on another podcast series that's been out there for some time.  What an honor!  Look for this sometime in March.  I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to reach out and share their comments on my approach and direction for this site and for bringing the community together. I have some great things planned for podcast # 3 coming up soon (might even be as early as this weekend!).  Stay tuned!

I look forward to reading more of your emails guys...send them in!  Email me anytime at:

Be well.


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