Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sure Selling Success

"Under the blue skies alone, I travel and walk among the merchants as free as the very clouds.  Moving about the broad fields of emptiness searching for something to quench my never ending thirst for wealth and knowledge."  ~Profitz

2nd Live-Stream - Auction House Fun!
Auction House Fun! (2nd Live-Stream Show)
Check it out on here.
Quick shout out to all members of the community!   I've come to the realization that not only is gold-making addicting but this community of podcasters, live-streamers, and gold-makers alike are infectious in a good way.  I've had the privilege of meeting some very nice people over the last few days and look forward to meeting more.  Also, for those who could make it, thanks for joining me for my 2nd live-stream with a little Auction House Fun.  I look forward to growing and learning with you all.

In today's live-stream I cover working through some items with TradeSkillMaster, Searching Auctioneer and buying-to-flip greens, manually listing items, receiving alerts from the TSM Application and checking pricing for re-listing with Wowuction (yes an actual alert came in and we picked up a nice item for 100g! Treads of Exotic Mastery).

Having Success with Mobile Armory On Your SmartPhone!
Mobile Armory Sales
Remember folks, you NEVER have to be detached from the Auction House or worry about missing that next-big-deal.  (wonders how many deals I miss while in corporate meetings...yes some people frown upon mobile devices in meetings when you're nose-down in them while people are talking...not polite?  What do you think?)  Use the Mobile Armory on your smart phone (iPhone/Droid).  I wish they came out with something for the Kindle Fire HD...great gadget and love the clarity of the screen.  Blizzard...get your developers on this!! *chuckles*

As you can see, you can check-in on your auctions, re-list any auctions that have expired, check the neutral auction house, buy items, search for specific item levels, rarity, and type of item with built-in filters, and if you don't want to bother with the AH, you can interact with guildies.  It also has been free for awhile now too.  (back in the day we had to pay a monthly subscription for this...nice to have it free now...great job Blizz!)

TSM Mobile Alert on "Watched" Items

What I love about Mobile Armory is that when you receive WoWuction alerts (you can go to and configure what items you want to send you an alert in the form of a text msg or email) with the max/min price - it also supports comma separated IDs, and TSM dealfinding lists for importing bulk items), you can then quickly load the app and purchase that item instead of missing a nice deal!

During my live-stream tonight, one actually came in and I was able to buy the item for 100g!  I'll be flipping it for over 7k.  Not a bad profit aye?  *Cha-Ching*

There are so many ways to make gold and so many resources, it's amazing and easy.  If you're interested in learning, take the time every day to explore or try something new.  Whether you're browsing other blog sites, attending a live-stream, or simply experimenting in-game with the Auction House, it all pays off...and pays off well!  Don't stay still on and succeed!!

Are You Doing Something To Help People In The Wow Community?
If so, I want to hear from you!  I'm looking to start scheduling interviews over the next several weeks in advance for some folks who want to be guests on my podcast series, The Cross-Realm.  This podcast is not only focused on gold-making but also introducing people to the community who are sharing in their own way.  If you're interested and have something unique to share, contact me at or on Twitter @WowProfitz.

Be well and happy sales!


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