Friday, February 8, 2013

One Hour - One Hundred Gold Challenge

Hear ye...hear ye....come one....come all...a challenge for all gold makers abroad!

An idea came to me that I wanted to share, since I'm going through it myself to prove out the gold making business and how simple it really is (well, not that simple but it's easy to make gold if you think about it, spend the time learning and applying.  Don't settle for being one of those beggars sitting in the cities scrounging for coppers...although this is profitable too if you can live with yourself after doing it).

Anyways, I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a challenge and extend it to all gold fans out there (hopefully now new faithful readers of this blog *coughs*).

Interested?  Here goes...


  1. Pick one-toon only (level doesn't matter)
  2. Starting Capital:  100 gold
  3. Purchase Time Limit:  1 hour (you have only 1 hour to purchase item(s) off the AH)
  4. All item(s) must be sold on the AH and not through personal sales (leveraging trade chat) isn't permitted
  5. You can purchase any amount of item(s) but the total can't exceed 100 gold
  6. All item(s) must be purchased off the Auction House from someone you don't know or have affiliations to/with (you can't have your friend list high-priced items for cheap)
  7. Craftables are not permitted (you can't craft your own item(s) to sell on the AH)
  8. Auction House listing fees must also come out of the starting 100 gold capital
  9. You can't roll-over the gold once item(s) sell
  10. AH Listing Time Limit:  12 hours
  11. If item(s) don't sell within the 12 hours, you can't count the value of the item(s)


You buy 3 items and spend just under 100g allowing you to post them for 12 hours
You sold 2 and end up getting 1 item back after 12 hours
Your gold would include the 2 item sales and what ever you had left over after listing all 3
It wouldn't include the value of the 3rd item which you didn't sell.

Share Experience/Results of this Challenge:
What's the total amount of gold you ended up with at the end of the 12 hour posting(s)?

Please submit your tallies and a description of what you bought (purchased price and sale price), along with your overall thought process as you went through this experience.  Screenshots are welcome!

What do you win if you have the most gold at the end of the challenge?  Nothing really - besides being listed on this blog and receiving kudos (maybe I'll give you a title as 'Gold Broker of the Month'.  It's just for fun folks.  It's an open/friendly contest between gold makers to help you think a little bit and add some challenge to your daily routines.  It will be fun!  Just do it already...

I'm hoping to receive a few submissions that I can share on the next blog post for this challenge.

Submit all details to

Enjoy the challenge!!


  1. I've had a good amount of luck flipping less popular transmog items that might not be picked up by people using larger lists that you can google.

    A couple of my proudest flips were buying weapons and chest pieces for 2 gold and flipping for 750 gold!

    1. Nelfstar - thanks for responding and I'm glad you tried the challenge. It's amazing what can sell! Nice job on those profitable flips too. Keep in touch.


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