Monday, February 25, 2013

First Live Stream!

"Sometimes I wonder if the trees themselves stand witness over the centuries of war that has scared Azeroth.  Or if the street rodents keep tally of the misguided wanderers, the lost souls, who stumble the cobblestone streets into drunken stupors of hallucinated dreams."  ~Profitz

First Live-Stream on Twitch.Tv/WowProfitz
Today was my first ever live-stream on my channel!  It's a little over 2 hours long and a quick introduction to what I do a couple times a day on the AH for making gold.  I also share a spreadsheet that I use for personal day-to-day gold stats and interact with the folks in the chat channel.

I was honored to have a few people with me during my first stream also (it would've been pretty lonely streaming by myself...what's the fun in that!?).  Therefore, Special thanks to Erogroth, PhatLewts, and Jokerbomb for stopping by and listening to my rambles for a couple hours.

There are a few things that I need to research so if anyone has experience in live-streaming on the Mac and want to ping me on these questions, please do!  I'm currently using CamTwist and AdobeFlashEncoder for streaming.

Q1:  How do you zoom-in or increase the size of your screen while streaming if you're going through something specific.  Example:  TSM wasn't readable while streaming and I wanted to walk people through certain settings.

Q2:  How do you stream with your mouse-pointer showing so when reviewing certain parts of the screen, you can call attention to it.  The simulated mouse in CamTwist seems to make the pointer HUGE.

If this is the first time you've heard of me, allow me to formally introduce myself.  *adjusts collar and extends hand for a greeting*  I'm Profitz, a new comer to the World of Warcraft gold-making community.  I'm a beginner and just started seriously seeking gold a month back.  I'm on a quest to become gold-capped in World of Warcraft and along the way, I'm sharing my experiences and what I've learned from the masters.  The good, the bad, and the I'll-never-do-it-again.  From a beginner, for the beginner.

I have also started a complimentary Facebook Community Page if you're interested in stopping by.  Please send a "Like".  I figure the more social media sites I join, the more I can reach out to the community and share the journey.

I've added a My Podcast Favs section to the site (left column at the bottom) too which lists the current podcasts/live-streams I've been following.  There are a few more that I'll be adding since the community is blowing up with great people doing great things and sharing.  It's amazing how friendly everyone is.

Thanks to all who have supported me, shared information with me, and continue to follow me.  In the end, it's my hope that together we can reach out and strengthen the World of Warcraft community.

Be well.



  1. Love your blog. Hate your IT avatar. :( bad childhood memories..

    1. Thanks for the response. Everyone loves a clown...ok..maybe NOT this one. :)

  2. Very nice, been following you for the last week or so. So far, like the mcdonalds says,"I'm Lovin' it". Inspired me to create my own blog.


    P.S: the IT clown is the reason I hate clowns...

    1. Farce - thanks for listening and commenting! It's great to hear feedback from folks. Send me your info about your own blog and I'll add it to my site listings! Be well.


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