Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cross-Realm Podcast # 3: Behind the Scenes with Erogroth

T'was in the midnight hours that two met with gold in their eyes to discuss the dark secrets of fortunes untold.  Fame and fortune alike, sword and shield set aside, we sat down, factionless, to discuss what kings have held secret to their own graves, the tale of gold making and wealth that which kings boasted across the chambers of kingdoms.  (yes I like writing...)

Tonight, I went behind the scenes, so to speak, and interviewed another gold-maker in the community, Erogroth (@erogroth).  What a great guy and down to earth person who is also on the quest to gold-cap.  We have several things in common including collecting rare mounts (Erogroth, I still don't think Poseidus exists even though you have it!), casual raiding, in a family/friends guild, and fellow gold makers.  It's amazing to see how friendly people are in this community and how everyone, in their own way, helps each other out.

In tonight's midnight episode we discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Playing Since Vanilla
  • Guilds and Raiding
  • Factions
  • Total Gold-Worth
  • Spending Gold on Mounts
  • Favorite Class/Race Combo
  • External Spreadsheets and Gold Tracking Stats
  • Gold Making Addons
  • Gotta Love Gold Beggars
  • Gold Blog Sites
  • Patch 5.2 Preparation
  • Blizzcon
  • Development Ideas
  • Closing Comments/Shout Outs

Podcast # 3:  Behind the Scenes with Erogroth

The Cross-Realm Podcast 3 (MP3) (Play directly with Yahoo's Player)

Again, thanks Erogroth for being the first guest on The Cross-Realm!  It was great to get to know you a little better and I look forward to continuing our gaming relationship and partnership in-game.  All my best to you and family.

Thanks for listening all and I hope you enjoy this episode.

I'm in SHOCK!!!! Finally!!!
If you're interested in coming on or contributing to the next podcast, please reach out to me at

Travel well.


Editor Comment:  AMAZINGLY, like an hour after I publish this podcast and before crashing for the night, I said to myself I'm just going to do a quick route through Vashj'ir for Poseidus....and unbelievably...there he was!!!!!!  No one around....(of course NPCScan still scared the hell out of me but what a sweet sound that is).  Erogroth!!  You're my good luck charm bro!!!

Intro Music by Aavepyörä.  Album/Track:  Goddess Guerilla/Auringon
Licensed to the public under the Creative Commons license


  1. Thanks for having me on and grats on the mount!

    1. My pleasure bro! I think it came out awesome and I'm sure people will enjoy it. Also, you're good luck! We need to do it more often so I can get more rares!! ;)

    2. I would be down for that. Maybe next time I can get one of my rares!

  2. Grats on the long awaited mount.
    Cheers from Germany!

    1. Awesome! A listener from Germany! Thanks for commenting. I'm very excited to have snagged up Poseidus finally. It's been months...I guess the moons were aligned that night and it was my turn to see the 'myth'. Be well. :)


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