Monday, April 1, 2013

Rags 2 Riches: Clowncar!

"I awoke to the clashing of steel and the chanting of sadistic mages cursing the fallen and laughing maniacally.  Their mouths still dripped from tearing into the flesh of the fallen like a pack of savage wolves who haven't eaten since the first winter's fall.  Their fingers still wet with the soft and fertile flesh of those sacrificed.  Their eyes were dark, sunken, and affixed on what laid before them in the twisted rivers of unfathomably darkness" ~Profitz

I'm proud to announce a cool and very exciting new side project I'm working on called Rags 2 Riches! (damn Clown, another freak'n project? You're trying to do it all!!  - YOU KNOW IT!!! Seat belts on cuz this clown is having a blast!! *BEEP* *BEEP*)

Let me explain what this is all about.

I want to stream more often and talk about gold making just the same but I also don't want to just ramble on with the same routines.  Today I only stream if I have something to share or something I learned new.  So to stream more and be dynamic, I came up with this idea about starting a low level toon on the second lowest population realm in the United States.  Interestingly, it was the same task I was given while being on an episode with Low Pop Wow and I actually announced this on that show.  Here's a quick shout-out...

Low Pop Wow - Economy Episode!
Shout-Out: I wanted to take a moment here and also thank Hathorr from LowPopWow (Twitter, Website) who had me on her recent show about Low Pop Economies (Raw version here)!  I was joined by some prestigious panelists (Elvine, Jules, Saristin) and truly enjoyed the entertainment and 61+ live viewers!  If you haven't heard this yet, skip on over and listen to the show!  It was a blast and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

What will I be doing?

I'll be starting a brand new level 1 toon and focusing on picking professions that will maximize my gold making while leveling.  EACH mini-episode will ONLY be around 1 hour long give or take a couple minutes.  I'll only be leveling while streaming during episodes only.  When I reach the final episode (currently set at 30 episodes (30 hours of game play)), I'll be giving away all my amassed gold and deleting the toon LIVE on the stream!  It should be a blast!

Episode 1: Clowncar (Level 1 Resto Druid)
I'm very excited about this and did the FIRST of the streams tonight with Episode #1.
You can view it here on my Twitch channel.  In Episode one viewers got to see me select the realm, and do the character creation as well as reach Level 8!  I was also able to hit up Thunderbluff and place about 20 items on the auction house.  If these all sell, I should have some nice starting capital to do a couple investments while continuing to level to that magic Level # 15 for dungeons!  The hour flew by fast and I had seven total viewers!  Thank you all for joining me!!


Additionally, I'm making this very interactive with those who view the stream in the twitch channel and/or my IRC chat channel.  For instance, someone in the channel named the toon!  (Thanks Goblinraset!) As I'm questing along, healing through dungeons looking for xmogs, or simply working on professions, I'll ask the live viewers questions and act upon those.  (Remember those which-way books and endless adventure?  Consider this like that where based upon your choices....things HAPPEN!)


As a FREE GIFT to one of the viewers, (yes, it'll be free) I'll be giving away a special prize in the last episode (prize to be determined and will be worthwhile - maybe like a free game card, a t-shirt, or some neat trinket that I'll be paying for with my old money).

What's the requirements and how do I enter?  The only requirements to qualify are:
1.  Catch all the episodes
2.  Join in on the conversations and questions/answers
3.  Take a guess at how much gold you think I'll have at the end of the last show!
(The person closest without-going-over WINS!  *plays Price is Right theme here*)
NOTE:  You must submit this BEFORE the close of Episode # 6 to me via email: with the subject: Estimated Gold for Rags 2 Riches

Let's face it, its a hell of a lot more fun when you're doing something while streaming and the channel is active and people are getting into it.  So join me!!

Will you be there for Episode 2??  Follow me on Twitter and Sub to my channel for the announcement.  This will be going LIVE tomorrow (Tuesday April 2nd @ 10PM EST).

I hope to see you all during the upcoming episodes!

Stay strong and happy gold making.

p.s.  I'm currently sitting at 661K gold....only ~339K left.  In February I made 212k and this past March 292k.  So looking at about 2 more months?  Stay tuned for a post on stats and all the numbers. WoooHooo!



  1. hi hi. really wanting to watch but live in UK! what time do you go live?

    looking forward to it

    1. Hi eddm and hello UK! I typically run these episodes anywhere from 7PM - 10PM EST as a start and they run about 1 hour. I hope you can catch one episode and thanks for the comment.


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