Saturday, March 30, 2013

Clown in Town

"The filth before my eyes drained my soul to the core.  The foul smell of the rotten and the consistent sight of birds of prey feasting, turned my stomach but at the same time, brought a sort of mischievous grimace that even I was afraid of.  Something inside of me kept tugging me toward the dark...calling me even by name." ~Profitz


The Clown is in Town and on Tour!  Balloons for everyone!  Recently, I've been invited to several podcasts and shows this week and I have to say, I'm very honored.  I never would've thought that I would be having this much fun and be embraced by such an awesome community.  It's amazing and I'm very excited to be a part of it all as well as simply sharing in some of my own passions along the way, art, writing, online gaming, and of course gold-making.

I'll be guest spotting on the following shows - please join me and help make this a great experience for everyone.  Let's RAISE THE ROOF and bring in the crowds to these shows!!!

PowerWordGold:  I thank Jim Younkin from for bringing me on his show and recording Podcast # 57. This was the FIRST ever show I've guest spotted on and it was a blast.  Thank you sir!  The recorded version can be listened to here.  Send me your comments.

Chaos Portal:  *TODAY*  Saturday March 30th @ 4PM EST

Low Pop Wow:  *TOMORROW* Sunday March 31st @ 5PM EST

A couple nights ago, I created a new banner for myself and used of course, my favorite clown avatar (I know you all love it deep down in side *grins*) from Stephen King's IT (Pennywise).  I made this for several reasons.  One, to help spice up my own site a bit and two, to provide the community with a shareable image if they wish to help promote The Clown.

If you do decide to use this banner, please let me know and I'd be more than happy to provide a mutual link as well from my Blog.  I already have several on there so please check those out too!  (Left side of the page below the Testimonials)

New Banner I made - feel free to use for your own sites to help promote The Clown. ;)

Wait, what?  Is this some B-movie?  No, just having fun in Twitch.  I have to admit, I'm addicted to live-streaming now.  I think I finally have my iMac setup properly to enjoy the game, the conversations in chat, as well stream with fairly decent quality.  If I can't do something with decent quality and standards, I'd rather not do it at all.  That's just me.  Anyways, I really got sick and tired of all the ads on Twitch so ended up dropping some coin to go Turbo.  Good bye SimCity ads every 20 seconds...*GRRRRRRRRR*

Last night, I went live and reached my highest ever viewers which was seven (7).  Is this a sign for whats to come?  (Yup, to me that's high being new to streaming.  Honestly, If it's more than me, I'm very satisfied.  Having a live audience while streaming makes it a lot more interactive and fun.  I can take questions directly from the chat channel and show in real-time the How To's.  So thanks for those who came out and joined me last night).

If you couldn't join in the live fun, here is the recorded version.  It's 2 hours of auction house fun and live interaction with the viewers.

I'm currently sitting at 644,783 gold.  It seemed like forever sitting in the 630k range.  Almost like grinding through Pandaria on the 5th level 90 but with a little persistence you make it out. I'm above that and cruising toward my next tier of 700,000.  I'm so excited and this never gets old folks.  The opportunities to make gold are such in abundance, I can't get to them all.  I'm taking it slow and enjoying the trip.  More updates to come as I'm closing my books this week and will post about some totals and new gold making tips I've been made aware of.  Fun Fun Fun!!

As many of you know, I like writing and love art.  I'm in the process of writing my own dark fantasy book, which will be available online when completed.  I'm having fun with it and writing it all on my iMac through iBook.  When completed you'll be able to snag this
A dark fantasy book from Profitz...stay tuned
hopefully treasure
up and enjoy it for yourself.  If you recall, most of my posts have a quick paragraph blurb at the top of each of them?  Remember those little messages?  Yes, most of those are snippets of the book chapters...see, there's a method to my madness.  You've been reading my book already...  In all seriousness, I hope to complete this by end of Summer and share it with you all.  More details to come.

Never fret folks, this project hasn't stalled.  I received an update the other day from Cynful and she's already made 4x the amount of gold she started with.  She works professionally, like I do, so it's good to know that someone with limited time and out-of-game responsibilities can still make their share too.  Look for the next episodes in a couple weeks.  Additionally, I'll be making supplemental video recordings to go along with the podcasts.  Yes more instruction for all of us who are interested in making gold.

I love hearing from you all.  There is nothing better than receiving an email or twitter message from folks.  Please reach out and send in your thoughts/comments.

Twitter: @WowProfitz

For those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter.  For those who don't, I wish you and your family well.  There is nothing better than family and friends especially when Spring is here and the weather is finally getting better (well at least for me being on the East Coast...the white stuff is gone until Winter).

I wish you all the best and happy gaming.


"If you can dream it, you can do it."  ~Walt Disney


  1. Lots of fun projects. Also look forward to your writing. I'm a wannabe writer which means I think the idea of writing sounds so cool but I've never actually done any fiction writing. Maybe one day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jim and your comment! Yes, it was great to hear you were a fellow writing enthusiast as well as technology buff too. I look forward to listening to your future episodes of your techiecast also. :)


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